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Sport Name Position
Athletic Director Steve Sell Athletic Director
Athletic Trainer - Coed Dan Walker Trainer
Badminton Linda Brown Head Coach
Baseball - Boys JV John Rally Head Coach
Baseball - Var Lenny Souza Head Coach
Basketball - Boys JV Bryan Campbell Head Coach
Basketball - Boys Var Hosea Patton Head Coach
Basketball - Girls JV Rich Stephens Head Coach
Basketball - Girls Var Sam Manu Head Coach
Cross Country Frank Hunt Head Coach
Cross Country Dino Delyani Assistant Coach
Football - Boys JV Steve Henderson Head Coach
Football - Boys Varsity Steve Sell Head Coach
Golf - Boys Guy Oling Head Coach
Golf - Girls Guy Oling Head Coach
Lacrosse - Boys JV Hayden Plant Head Coach
Lacrosse - Boys Varsity Sean Robinson Head Coach
Lacrosse - Girls Varsity Kalyn Olson Head Coach
Soccer - Boys JV Jerome Simon Head Coach
Soccer - Boys Var Greg Markoulakis Head Coach
Soccer - Girls Var Michael Flynn Head Coach
Soccer - Girls Var Annie Pendergast Assistant Coach
Softball - Girls JV Daniel Kennedy Head Coach
Softball - Girls JV Gustavo Gerrard Assistant Coach
Softball - Girls Varsity Roger Miller Head Coach
Spirit Squad Darrell Franzella Head Coach
Swimming - Boys Bill Barthold Head Coach
Swimming - Girls Bill Barthold Head Coach
Tennis - Boys Dave Owdom Head Coach
Tennis - Girls Dave Owdom Head Coach
Track and Field Dino Delyani Head Coach
Track and Field Greg Alvarado Assistant Coach
Track and Field Samantha Belvini Assistant Coach
Track and Field Norm Bennett Assistant Coach
Track and Field Ralph Garcia Assistant Coach
Track and Field Frank Hunt Assistant Coach
Volleyball - Boys JV Meliame Hala'ufia Head Coach
Volleyball - Boys Varsity Dieane Hala'ufia Head Coach
Volleyball - Girls Frosh Chanel Joyce Head Coach
Volleyball - Girls JV Annette Gennaro-Trimble Head Coach
Volleyball - Var Kelsey Stiles Head Coach
Volleyball - Var Lance Ichikawa Assistant Coach
Volleyball - Var Chanel Joyce Assistant Coach
Water Polo - Boys JV Olivia Chan Head Coach
Water Polo - Boys Var Carly DeMarchena Head Coach
Water Polo - Girls JV Lauren Padilla Head Coach
Water Polo - Girls Var Roxanne Tursi Head Coach
Wrestling - Var Carlo Altamirano Head Coach
Wrestling - Var Dianna Betanzo Assistant Coach
Wrestling - Var Steve Heimuli Assistant Coach