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PAL Dual Meet Typical Schedule of T & F Events 2017

Track & Field Meet Order (most PAL Dual Meets)

  Track   Event                                TIME:**

Var. Boy   4 x 100m Relay              3:00pm
Girls         4 x 100m Relay              3:05pm
F/S Boys   4 x 100m Relay             3:10pm
Varsity Boys  1600m                       3:15pm
Girls              1600m                       3:20pm
F/S Boys        1600m                       3:25pm
Varsity Boys 110m HH                     3:30pm
F/S Boys       110m HH                    3:35pm
Girls              100m HH                    3:40pm
Varsity Boys  400m                          3:45pm
Girls              400m                          3:50pm
F/S                400m                          3:55pm
Varsity Boys  100m                          4:00pm
Girls              100m                          4:05pm
F/S Boys       100m                          4:10pm
Varsity Boys  800m                         4:15pm
Girls              800m                         4:20pm
F/S Boys       800m                          4:25pm
Var. Boys      300m  LH                   4:30pm
F/S Boys       300m   LH                  4:35pm
Girls             300m  LH                    4:40pm
Var Boys       200m                         4:45pm
Girls             200m                          4:50pm
F/S Boys       200m                         4:55pm
Combined  3200m                          5:10pm
F/S Boys    4 x 400m Relat             5:30pm
Girls          4 x 400m Relay             5:35pm
Var Boys   4 x 400m Relay             5:40pm
** All times approx. and subject to change based on number of entrants in each event
Field Events:                               Time:**
All Long Jump                            3:15pm
All Shot Put                                3:15pm
All High Jump                            3:15pm
All Pole Vault                             3:15pm
All Discus                                   3:45pm
All Triple Jump                          4:30pm


What Should I Eat Before a Race or Major W/O

Here is a link that will anwer that question. While it talks about cross country it would fit track and field. I like the part about eating during the day at school because it fits into your real daily world!


Coach Hunt